Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is Allied Adjusting Services?
A. We are Public Insurance Adjusters, licensed through Nevada's and California’s Department of Insurance, and we specialize in property insurance loss adjustment claims.

Q. What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?
A. A Public Insurance Adjuster is an expert on property insurance loss claims and he or she assists in preparing, filing, and negotiating a strong claim on behalf of policyholders. A Public Insurance Adjuster ensures a balance between the insurance company and the policyholder.

Q. Is Allied Adjusting Services in any way connected or affiliated with the insurance companies?

A. NO! Allied Adjusting Services works exclusively on behalf of the policyholder.

Q. How will Allied Adjusting Services serve me better than the insurance company adjuster?
A. The insurance company adjuster represents the financial interest of the insurance company. Allied Adjusting Services works in favor of the policyholder, exclusively!

Q. Can my insurance agent or broker handle my claim?
A. No. Your insurance agent or broker is well trained in the sales of insurance coverage and insurance programs; however he or she does not have the license or training to offer the specialized services of adjusting insurance claims.

Q. Can I prepare my property insurance claim better than Allied Adjusting Services?
A. No. Your insurance company will assign their own adjuster to assess the damages that the insurance company will cover, using all skills and tools available to ensure the least cost and inconvenience to the insurance company. This is why you need an experienced licensed Public Insurance Adjuster so that you can be sure to receive a more advantageous and timely settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.

Q. Will my insurance company recognize Allied Adjusting Services as my Public Insurance Adjuster?

A. Yes. The insurance company and the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim will recognize Allied Adjusting Services as your representative. However, if your insurance company adjuster tries to talk you out of hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster you should be aware that he or she may simply be trying to get away with underpaying your claim.

Q. Who retains the services of Allied Adjusting Services?
A. Homeowners, Business Owners, Property Managers, Landlords, Attorneys, Banks, Contractors and many other business firms.

Q. Should I wait to get an offer from the insurance company before engaging a Public Insurance Adjuster?
A. No. The insurance company will immediately appoint an experienced adjuster to minimize cost because the insurance company’s primary focus is to represent its own best financial interests. To avoid misunderstandings, long delays, and reduced settlement figures, it is wise to hire a Public Insurance Adjuster immediately to work in your favor.

Q. Why is a contractor’s estimate insufficient to enable the insurance company to make an equitable settlement?
A. Contractors do not have the experience or the license to interpret insurance policies and how they apply to a loss. A contractor is not knowledgeable in calculating depreciation, co-insurance, actual cash value provisions of the policy, and other elements of your loss. More importantly, a contractor is competitive with his or her estimate and will attempt to provide the lowest bid to get the job.

Q. What will Allied Adjusting Services cost the policyholder?
A. Allied Adjusting Services charges a small percentage of your total settlement. Allied Adjusting Services will not receive a fee until the insurance company issues a check to the policyholder. Allied Adjusting Services' fees are contingent and similar to how an attorney charges his/her fees. Allied Adjusting Services works to receive the maximum settlement possible, in as little time possible, to guarantee that the benefits gained from engaging the services of Allied Adjusting will more than compensate the cost of the fee charged, at the very least! Since working with Allied Adjusting Services will enable the policyholder to obtain a larger settlement than the policyholder would have been able to obtain by working on their own, Allied Adjusting Services will not cost the policyholder a single cent out of pocket.
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